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Hercules DJ Console Flex Control

I recently purchased one of these for use with my Flex 3000 and it is a great addition to an already excellent radio!

I bought mine from Amazon.com using this link.

The software to interface the console with the Flex is available from http://www.dh1tw.de/powersdr-ui#more-1213. Installation was simple, consisting of installing the software included with the console, then unzipping the interface software into the appropriate Flex directory.

This is what my Flex station looks like with the Hercules installed.

and this is what the interface software looks like when defining the various controls and buttons.

Update 6/5/11: Did a little quick work with the Dymo label maker. Going to change to white letters on black plastic tape, but you get the idea.

Update 6/11/11: Changed the Dymo labels to white on black. I think it looks much better..