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Hercules DJ Console Mods

In June, 2011 I added a Hercules DJ Console to my Flex 3000 and I've enjoyed it every day since.

I always wondered if the VFO knobs could be removed and filled with something to increase their weight.

A post By Ray on the Hercules-UI Yahoo group presented an answer to my wondering. Fill them with Plasticine.

I modified mine today (5/4/2012) and the Hercules feels like a real quality device now.

So, here's a photo timeline of the process. Click any photo to see it larger.

I weighed one of the knobs before and after the mod. Stock it was 0.8 oz, filled it was 2.1 oz.

This is what the Hercules looked like when I began.

Flip the console over and remove nine screws then separate the front and rear

Remove the E-clips from the shaft of both rotary encoders.

Be careful to shield the clip with a hand or it could fly and get lost

Photo with the clip removed from one shaft.

Turn the panel over and remove the knobs.

We're going to fill the knobs with Plasticine.

Unmodified knob.

Remove the nylon washer

Clip the washer retaining fingers (They sometimes drag on the shaft bushing).

Modified knob.

One Knob is done, one to go. Be careful not to foul the fingers around the outside of the knob.

Put Plasticine in each segment of the pie.

Smooth it until it's level with the segment separators.

Replace the Nylon washer.

Place ONLY one drop of 3-in-1 oil on the washer.

Insert the knob into the panel from the front, then turn the panel over.
Replace the E-clip and add ONLY one drop of 3-in-1 oil to the E-clip.

Marry the front and rear of the console and replace the screws.

Doesn't look different, but feels like a quality piece with the heavier knobs.