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Digi-Sites Notes

EasyPal has the ability to transfer images to a web server for viewing. Digi-Sites is the program that organizes all EasyPal images into thumbnails for viewing.

Available from http://www.w3wvg.com/6096.html

As delivered, Digi-Sites continually attempts to look at a many internet sites both for new images and active cameras. This can slow overall computer response, especially if Digi-Sites is attempting to connect with a slow internet site.

The latest (as of 1/19/2011) version of Digi-Sites includes Digi-Cams, a program that monitors up to six EP cams and refreshes the active camera list separately from Digi-Sites. So I disabled the Digi-Sites camera update. This stops Digi-Sites from looking for active cameras and reduces system loading.

To further reduce system loading, I disabled the automatic image refresh. This stops Digi-Sites from continually polling all of the remote sites for new images and greatly improves system response. The down side is that I must click Refresh (Manual) to see new images, but I consider it a good solution.

Digi-Sites Easy Pal Camera (EP Cam ver 1.20)

EP Cam is an application that allows others to view a portion of your Easy Pal screen. It is especially useful as a tool to see how well a transmitting station is being received at different locations. The application requires installation of webcam 7 (Google "webcam 7" for multiple download sites), which acts as a server. Download and install webcam 7.

Next, download EP Cam from http://www.w3wvg.com/75601.html and install it. Installation instructions are included on the download page, and are relatively complete. I found that my webcam 7 installation did not know that I had installed EP Cam so the first step in the installation, where I was supposed to "1: With EP Cam running, click on video camera icon in top right corner of WebCam7." was not possible as the video camera icon was blank. The solution was to right click the window that said "No source connected" then select "Other Sources" followed by "Local File (AVI/MPEG)...". This step populated the video camera icon. After that, it was simply a matter of following the instructions.

NOTE: I chose to create a free forwarding account at www.dyndns.com so that my IP address is hidden. You might consider doing the same.

Here are photos before and after webcam 7 configuration.

Photos of EP Cam and the Digi-Sites camera application.

Available from http://www.w3wvg.com/75601.html

Digi-Sites Digi-Cams

Digi-Cams is included with the Digi-Sites installation. It monitors up to six EP Cams simultaneously.

This is how I configured mine for minimal system loading. I rarely need to know which cameras are active now that I've stored my favorites in memory.